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How to improve the surface finish of the bolt?

Writer: admin Time:2019-10-12 21:58

The bolt was used for a long time, and the surface would become unclean and clean. Based on this situation, we invented the bolt and picker.
Skinned device belongs to the processing of anchor rod anchor equipment, including processing platform and so on, the counter surface processing test bench left a fixture, peeler rotating knife plate installed on the motor shaft, the motor is equipped with base, at the bottom of the counter right to install two stents, two stents are installed on the two guide bar, base on the guide bar, guide bar installed on the switch, the motor installed on the table below, the motor and reducer, reducer shaft is installed on the first sprocket, chain installation on the first and second chain wheel, the chain wheel is installed on wire rod, two stents under surface connecting a connection respectively, the counter has a long hole, the connection through the long hole, wear on both ends of the wire rod in the two connection seat, screw and two connections are installed between the bearings, screw nut, installed on the top nut through the long hole connected to the base bottom.
The bolt and picker is not required for manual operation, the work efficiency, the output is high, and the surface finish is improved.



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